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4 Ways to Reward Your Kids for Doing Good in School

4 Ways to Reward Your Kids for Doing Good in School

As they are growing up, children are always learning every day. Each event adds up to the foundation that will say how they will act as adults. As parents, it is our responsibility to make sure they grow up to be good citizens and good people. What we can always take pride in is the quality of education we give them and the amount of support we give them, so they know they always have us in times of trouble. Here are ways to reinforce good work in your children:

  1. Be Their Cheerleader. Whenever they do something good, tell them and make a big deal out of it. If your child comes home with a star stamped on their hand, ask them about it and tell them to keep up the good work. As a child, they don’t know what is right and wrong yet, so we need to guide them so they are brought up with good values.
  2. Spend Quality Time. This is one thing you should never skimp on. Even if your child did not do so well in school, spending quality time with them is an assurance that you are there for them. If you are too busy at work or other chores, you can try and have them help you so they are preoccupied too. Sometimes starting them young can help them become more mature in life.
  3. Give Gifts/Toys as Rewards. Use this tip sparingly, as they may become spoiled. If there comes a time when they keep asking for gifts for a job well done, try and teach them the value of money and saving. If you get them gifts all the time, it will be a waste of money. Playing with the toys they have now will help you save. If they have had those toys for a while now, you can even teach them the value of paying it forward by getting them to donate to the less fortunate kids.
  4. Affectionate Touch. If your child does well, you can give them a high five or a nice pat on the back. If they reach in for a hug, always be the one to let go last. This will go a long way in your child’s development.

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