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5-Point Guidelines in Appreciating Children

 5-Point Guidelines in Appreciating Children

The child who knows their worth is confident to carry out their activities every day and meet new people willingly. As a provider of quality Child Care in Bronx, New York, we have also seen how appreciation and affirmation have been effective in helping a child to learn better. At home, parents are in an influential role to provide these appreciations.

With that, we would like to share some helpful guidelines to make an appreciation of our children more relevant and effective:

  1. Reward or Punish Accordingly
    Rewards can be a great motivator for children to know they have done something right. If you have promised them certain rewards for a job well done or for obeying you, ensure that you follow through these rewards. Failing on your promise can affect the way your child follows your instructions. For better reward implementation, choose for rewards that are easier to attain and do. This applies the same way when punishing them for wrongs. Ensure that the agreed consequence for a naughty act is implemented to help discipline them.
  2. Show Love
    The love you show to your child on a daily basis is their foundation to believe in their affirmation. You would want to appreciate your child without making them proud. Your consistent display of love will comfort them in knowing that your love is what matters more. This is also your best display of appreciation, which helps them to stay confident when faced with other children.
  3. Give them Time
    It’s been said that love is spelled as T-I-M-E. When you spend time with your children they can feel even more appreciated and loved. They will have a sense that their value and presence are worth your attention. Even with your work hours and your child’s time in a Day Care Center in New York, find a way to bond together to show them how much they are appreciated. A storytelling time right before bedtime can be an ideal bonding activity every day.
  4. Praise Them
    Your children also need to know and hear from you how much they are appreciated and their efforts recognized. Praise them when they have done something right, when they have obeyed your instructions when they have helped another child, or simply, when they are just being their natural self.
  5. Be Gentle
    The gentleness of your voice is also essential in delivering our appreciation to these little ones. Children feel more relaxed when we interact with them with a gentle voice. If you’re tempted to increase the volume of your voice, strive to restrain yourself and divert on other alternatives to minimize delivering your words in a harsh way. On times that you have actually let loose in their presence, ensure that you apologize to them afterward.

As a Preschool center, we work with you in harnessing the overall potential of your child. At Tender Years Childcare, know that your child is in a safe and appreciative environment. Ask us if you have inquiries.

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