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5-Point Technique to Teach Math to Your Preschooler


Mathematics and your preschooler? Do they even go together? If you’ve ever thought that only teachers from a preschool providing child care in Bronx, New York can teach your child to do their math, you got half of the story right. You see, as their parents, you have more influence at home than their teachers who only get to be with your child for a number of hours on weekdays.

While teachers can provide exercises, lessons, and activities to exercise their number skills, you can also supplement their learning, and here are techniques you can follow:

  1. Count Together
    As early as two years old, your toddler can already be taught how to count which is a basic mathematical skill. There are many online videos they can watch repeatedly which helps reinforce their memory on counting numbers. You can supplement this by making the counting activity intentional. For instance, as you wash their hands when they take a bath, you can count their fingers together.
  2. Use Things at Home
    In our day care center in New York, we use a lot of visual aids to teach numbers and other math skills to a preschooler. However, at home, anything is your tool. You can count the numbers at the wall clock. You can count how many corn cereals they put in their mouth on breakfast. You can count how many steps are on your stairway. When you expand your mind, you’ll see a lot of math “tools” at home.
  3. Buy Flashcards
    It will also be a good investment if you have flashcards at home for your preschooler to practice on. These cards may contain numbers for counting or when they’re able enough, mathematical computations. You might be even surprised that you already have a mathematician-in-training.
  4. Play Math-Related Games
    Nothing is as more exciting as games, especially for children. They will always find every opportunity to play. You can grab this opportunity as a way to teach them how to count, identify numbers, and even compute. For instance, playing the Snakes and Ladders board game indirectly introduces them to the numbers 1-100, and help them to make additions and subtractions every after roll of the dice.
  5. Integrate Math Into Your Day
    Make it a point to integrate mathematics to your daily activities, especially when you’re outdoors. For instance, on the way to the grocery store, you count together how many yellow cars you pass by. You can also ask their assistance to compute how much change you are going to have from your purchase. Simple integrations can already be a good practice of inculcating mathematics into your child’s life.

At Tender Years Childcare, we provide basic math lessons for our preschoolers because we recognize its lifetime value to the overall development of a child’s learning. If these techniques have made you interested to enrol your child to our preschool, don’t hesitate to ask us. SHARE this post if you want to inspire other parents.

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