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5 Tips for Fun Home Learning: How to Educate Your Child at Home

5 Tips for Fun Home Learning: How to Educate Your Child at Home

Educating at home? Seriously? That’s right. You can educate your kid at home.

To educate someone simply means passing on a helpful information that the receiver can easily understand. This information can be helpful for them in the long run. Naturally, information is not just a classroom activity. So as a provider of child care in The Bronx, New York, we would like to highlight some tips on how you can educate your child at home.

Consider this quick list:

  1. Let them ask questions
    To your curious pre-schooler, the whole world is the school. But your home is special because they can get to learn what they want to learn in the context of love, care, and affection. Kids would want to ask questions from their parents because you are the first adults they trust. They have faith that you will give them the right answers. In your home, nurture the environment of learning. Let your child know that they can ask you questions and you will try your best to answer these.
  2. Read together
    The written knowledge is a very ideal source of educational information. Establish a reading routine at home. More importantly, make reading a habit you do together. You can incorporate this before bedtime so your kid can also set their mind in going to sleep. As you read and with your guidance, your child will discover new concepts and words that they can add to their store of knowledge.
  3. Watch educational shows together
    Educational shows online and on TV are great bonding times aside from their end purpose of quality learning experience. When you watch these shows together, your kid can also develop an interest towards meaningful programs. They will take their cues from your interest in wholesome and informational programs.
  4. Play online educational games together
    You will be surprised how fast a learner your kid is. When you let them play online games that are educational in nature, their familiarity with shapes, colors, and letters can be sharpened. They can also practice strategizing, thus, honing their analytical skills. When you play these kinds of games together, your kid will feel special and important that you bonded with them. This makes their learning more inspired.
  5. Practice religious traditions
    Your religious beliefs are also educational to your kid. The lessons are mostly about values and morality. You can help build up your child’s perspective on right and wrong. This way, they can grow up having the responsible attitude of a value-laden person.

At Tender Years Childcare, we highlight the value of education for your child. We believe that classroom lessons are supplementary to what they learn at home. When you look for a day care center in New York, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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