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6 Etiquette Rules to Teach Your Children

6 Etiquette Rules to Teach Your Children

Raising children is never easy. They will have different personalities and you can never be able to dictate what they want because they have their own freedom to choose what makes them happy. However, while they grow up, we should always be there to guide them and teach them the simplest rules of etiquette so they become good adults. Here are some of the rules to teach them:

  • Greeting Politely. As adults, we already know how to greet others with “Good Morning” and “Good Day!” However, to young children, this may still be foreign. It is up to us to teach them this by setting an example. Whenever we greet them, we should also tell them Good Morning, (insert name of your child).

  • Being Thankful. Your children will be meeting people when they are growing up, so it is always important to teach them to say “Thank you” or “Please and Thank You” to anyone who offers them a hand. You can lead a good example by saying thank you to the food servers at restaurants or anyone who provides service.

  • Practicing Humility at All Times. Being humble is inclusive of not being greedy, showing respect to others, and treating others as you want to be treated. You can teach this to your children by teaching them how to say “Sorry” when they hurt someone or by teaching them how to be silent when there is nothing good to say.

  • Opening the Door for Others. Doing this actually makes them understand the importance of giving way to others. It shows them humility as well! You can show this by opening doors especially to the elderly, then you can tell your children the importance of why we do it.

  • Speaking Well. This is a rule of etiquette that may be overlooked, but this is one of the most important things. Speaking well means modulating the voice well and communicating in a manner that the other person understands. When you talk to your little ones, always strive to speak to them in the way you would speak to a grown up.

  • Being Patient. This is a very important trait that you can teach them at an early age. You can show this by not cutting in lines and not honking your car horn to get people to go faster. Being patient also means answering their questions, no matter how silly the questions may be. You can also teach patience by giving way for other people in lines especially when you’re not in a hurry.

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