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Can Your Child Benefit from Regularly Doing Chores?

Can Your Child Benefit from Regularly Doing Chores?

Doing chores at home can be finished quicker when you have help. Yet, when your “helpers” are preschoolers and school-age children, it can feel like a heavier chore. After all, you need to supervise them while making sure that they finish the chores.

So, as parents, it can be practical to ask, should we really teach our children to do chores? If yes, how can these benefit our children, family, and home?

As a Day Care Center in New York, we recognize that the home is the first learning environment for children. Whatever they learn and see from their parents influences their overall learning even in preschool. So we agree that doing chores is a great learning exposure for little ones.

To highlight, here are noteworthy benefits when your child learns to do chores.

  • Improves Self-Esteem.
    Chores are responsibilities that children feel they should finish. When they are able to finish their assignments, they can feel even more confident in their skill. They will also feel better about themselves knowing that you are happy with their contribution.
  • Develops Independence.
    Since children get to do the chores on their own, they learn to value their own personal capability and independence. In our center for Child Care in Bronx, New York, we also set aside programs that children can do on their own so their sense of independence improves.
  • Values Responsibility.
    Children need to understand that they should own up to their responsibility. Chores help them to know what being responsible is, which is doing and finishing your assigned task in an excellent way.
  • Practices Organization and Cleanliness.
    It is also important for little children to value cleanliness and a sense of order. As they grow older, being organized helps them to stay in line with expectations. This makes them a better participant in the society for the rest of their lives.
  • Develops Sense of Contribution.
    Children also need to understand that they always have a role to play wherever they are. With chores, they develop the understanding that their contribution is always important.
  • Values Helpfulness.
    When children are more engaged in doing chores, they learn to have the initiative in helping around. As they grow up, they will be individuals who help develop solutions rather than create problems.

Quick Addition:

When you assign chores to children, ensure that these are also age-appropriate. This eliminates the sense of pressure in children as they can accomplish the tasks assigned to them. In our Preschool, we observe this principle of assigning age-appropriate activities. Children maximize their learning when they are confident that they can finish their assigned tasks.

Indeed, chores provide great benefits to your children in more ways than we can enumerate. So nurture your child’s development through age-appropriate chores at home. Are you in need of recommendations for quality childcare? Call Tender Years Childcare for more assistance.

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