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Providing a Loving and Warm Learning Environment for Your Child

Category Archives: Early Childhood Education

Supervising Children’s Screen Time: Guide for Parents

Today’s technology, such as the television and mobile phones, is the go-to option of many busy parents who want to keep their children occupied. These instances are technically referred to as “screen time,” or the amount of time that a child spends in front of a TV, laptop, or phone screen. Screen Time: Digging Deeper … Continue reading

Safety Tips When Doing Arts and Crafts at Home

Doing arts and crafts with a toddler can be a creative approach to enhance many aspects of their growth and development. For one, it improves their fine motor skills so that they can grasp and hold small items easily. It also improves their eye-hand coordination so that their alertness gets better and better. As a … Continue reading

Teaching Numbers at Home: Tips for Parents

Did you know that your two-year-old can already learn how to count? With our professional experience as providers of Child Care in Bronx, New York, we have seen how toddlers can go far with their learning when there’s dedicated education. For this reason, your reinforcement at home is very instrumental in enhancing your toddler’s learning … Continue reading