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Providing a Loving and Warm Learning Environment for Your Child


At Tender Years Childcare, we believe that learning doesn’t just happen through classroom lessons and books. Instead, we also believe that children can learn through different activities. This is why we have carefully picked activities that promote both fun and learning for your child.

Daily Activities:

07:30-08:30 Drop Off/Quiet Play/Educ. film
08:30-09:00 Prayer/ Breakfast/ Hygiene
09:00-09:40 Free Play/ Warm Up Songs
09:40-10:10 Circle Time – Fun Learning activities designed to stimulate/ thinking
10:10-10:50 Arts & Crafts, Math/Science
10:50-11:30 Center Time– Blocks/Game, Dramatic Play/Computers, Sand & Water,
11:30-12:15 Spiritual Awareness / Writing Skills / Outdoor Play /Educ. Projects
12:15-01:00 Prayer/ hygiene/ Lunch / Bathroom / Quiet Reading
01:00-03:00 Nap Time–Preparing Lessons
03:00-03:30 Prayer/ Snack/ hygiene
03:30-04:00 Story/Library/Quiet Play
04:00-04:30 Comptr/Instruments/BackYard
04:30-05:00 Writing, Math/Science, review
05:00-05:30 TableTop/ Child Prep/ Dismissal
05:31- CLOSED Late charge fee begins for late pickups.

Some of the many activities that we offer include, but are not limited to:

little girl showing her artwork

  • Art activities and projects
  • Dancing activities
  • Music and singing activities
  • Reading and writing activities
  • Science experiments
  • Sports activities
  • Summer Camp
  • And many more

We encourage you to call us at 718-829-3067 to learn more about the activities that we have to offer.

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