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5-Point Technique to Teach Math to Your Preschooler

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5-Point Technique to Teach Math to Your Preschooler

Mathematics and your preschooler? Do they even go together? If you’ve ever thought that only teachers from a preschool providing child care in Bronx, New York can teach your child to do their math, you got half of the story right. You see, as their parents, you have more influence at home than their teachers … Continue reading

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Looking for a Preschool? Some Few Points to Consider

The first day of your child’s preschool education should be documented with so much excitement as it kicks off their independence to a world of discoveries. If it becomes a hard day filled with separation anxiety, which is typically normal for smaller children to feel, you can help them by making the coming days so … Continue reading

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Education Starts Home: Things You Can Do to Start Them Off

Before children go to any formal education, they first learn from their families and what they pick up from their environment. From zero to age five, children learn the fastest and it would be to their advantage if parents and families take the time to invest in their mental and physical development. The preschool years … Continue reading

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5 Power Tips: How Can Children Get Busy at Home?

Has your toddler been surprising you with their wild imagination? This imaginative side of your child is fragile, but when cared for properly, they can be productive children and grownups through the years. To make the most of this specialty, try to incorporate important activities that will not only occupy your child’s mind but also … Continue reading

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How Education Happens at Home: Tips for Parents

Dear mom and dad, does the word EDUCATION sound very intimidating? Don’t let it be. After all, you are your children’s first teachers. Everything they learn in life comes first from their experiences at home and with you. What they can gather in a child care in Bronx, New York comes only secondary to their … Continue reading

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Working Parent? Here’s How You Can Still Bond with Your Children

Every parent knows the importance of being there for your children during the precious and fleeting years of childhood. However, work and other adult responsibilities need time, energy, and attention as well – and a work-life balance is definitely easier said than done. It helps to remember that it is not always about the length … Continue reading