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Education Starts Home: Things You Can Do to Start Them Off


Before children go to any formal education, they first learn from their families and what they pick up from their environment. From zero to age five, children learn the fastest and it would be to their advantage if parents and families take the time to invest in their mental and physical development.

The preschool years are the most fundamental stages of a child’s life since this is the onset of many first time moments and interesting discoveries.

At home, you can maximize this ever-fast passing stage of your child’s life by trying these strategies out:

  • Define Rules 

    Children are very curious beings. For one, the new things around them are all interesting since they have not been introduced to them, and they very much like to imitate grown-ups, too. But to create a happy medium between fun and discipline, parents must define rules for children to follow to instill obedience so they can easily follow acceptable behaviors in society.

  • Set Routines 

    Another quality that children work well with is repetition or predictability. This creates the safety in their environment since they can tell what is going to happen next. Setting routines actually help them relax or even look forward to things that they like to do in a day and will help set their body clocks for mealtimes, waking, and sleep times.

  • Allow Playtimes 

    In this age of gadgets and most things automated, it is very important to promote playtimes that involve tangible age-appropriate toys because they help strengthen the mental and physical development of children. The more stimuli they are exposed to, the better their brains develop for their growth.

  • Promote Good Eating Habits 

    Fast food is very easy to give to children hence the name fast food, all the more sweets and treats for their snacks. These easy-to-grab snacks may be convenient to give but in return may provide little to no nutritional value at all, unless the snacks have been freshly prepared or thoughtfully chosen to promote good eating habits and nutrition.

  • Value Sleeping Times 

    A largely important factor in the growing years, as well as in adults, is sleep. Putting value in sleep allows more time for longer uninterrupted hours of sleep needed for bone growth, physical and mental development. Sleeping the needed hours will also give your child the energy to enjoy their days at our child care in Bronx, New York.

Education does not just start or stop at our day care center in New York since it always involves both elements nurture and nature where the child goes home.

Tender Years Childcare advocates proper childhood development in early childhood education. To enroll your child at our daycare center, click here or call us at 718-829-3067.

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