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Good Job: How to Reward Your Young One Positively


Is it really safe to give rewards to a child? As a provider of child care in Bronx, New York, we say, yes, but in the right context. Rewards have to be given as a result of something, not as a bribe for them to do anything. With this context, you’re framing positive reinforcement on your kid. Additionally, with the reward system, your child can learn early on that every action they do will have consequences – good yields good, and bad results to bad.

Let us share with you the following recommendations of rewarding your child in the context of them having done a good job:

  • Verbalize appreciation
    While action speaks louder than words, verbalized appreciation still stands true. Don’t miss the opportunity of saying “Very good!”, “Good job!”, or “That’s nice!” To kids and adults alike, verbal affirmation is like fuel to fire. It emboldens them to do more on what they have already been doing. Your verbal appreciation helps build a confident kid.
  • Be specific on the successful task
    Along with verbal affirmation is the specific appreciation. When you appreciate what your kid did, make sure to specify what the task is. For instance, at the dinner table, you can say, “Good job on helping mom set the table! Thank you!” You can also say, “That was nice of you to share your cookie with your friend. Good job!” When you’re specific, the child can develop an understanding that some acts are worth repeating.
  • Grant their special request
    Nothing beats the delight of a child when their special request is granted. Let this be a treat for them when they have performed a good job at home, in their preschool classroom, or with the neighbors. You can even be creative as granting their request as a surprise. That way, your child will etch that experience in their memory, and they will have more inspiration on always doing something good and right.
  • Buy their favorite food/item
    Another exciting reward for your child is their favorite ice cream or doll or toy car. When they have folded their beds five days in a row, you can announce that you’ll treat them out because of how they diligently fixed their beds. Getting their favorite items are definitely motivational pieces of reinforcement.
  • Excuse from chores on their chosen day
    Do you know that teaching your kid to do home chores can better equip them with adult responsibilities? Teach them age-appropriate chores. But kids will naturally find this repetition of tasks a bit boring or a hassle. So you can use “day-offs” as a reward if ever they have properly kept their toys after playing, or whatever age-appropriate job they have finished well.

In our experience of providing childcare programs in a daycare center in New York, we have seen the amazing results of positively rewarding kids. You will be doing yourself and your kid a lifetime of favor when you practice making rewards of a good job at home.

If you want to expose your child to other meaningful learning opportunities, they are very welcome at Tender Years Childcare. You can personally visit us to check on our childcare center or talk to our staff. We hope to see you around!

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