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Guidelines in Playground Safety: Tips for Parents

Guidelines in Playground Safety: Tips for Parents

Whether at home, in a Preschool, or in the playground, our children need supervision. We want to provide a safe place for them wherever they may be.

Yet, when the location is not our property, we cannot be sure about our children’s safety. For this reason, we need to exercise initiative in ensuring that our children can be safe in that place. In this post, we would like to zero in on playgrounds. Because many other children linger here, we need to know that our children can be safe in these places.

For that, here are safety tips we would like to recommend.

  • Ensure that the child knows how to use the playground equipment properly.

    Further tips include:

    • Checking on the equipment if they don’t have rust, broken parts, or other hazards.
    • Educating children on how to be in the proper position and posture when using a playground equipment.
    • Reminding children that waiting for their turn can prevent unwanted accidents.
    • Dressing them with the appropriate attire, so they can both be comfortable and safe.
  • Select a play area that is fit for your child’s age.

    For instance:

    • Children between 2-3 years old should play in a separate area from the 4-5 year olds.
    • For your babies, ensure that their play area has a soft surface and is easy to walk on.
    • Know if the designated play area has supervising staff that provides proper maintenance.
  • Evaluate the playground’s surface whether this is safe for your little ones or not.
    In our Day Care Center in New York, we design our areas with child-friendly and child-proof measures. When parents and children feel at ease in a location, their little ones have better chances of exploring.
  • Ensure that the whole playground has qualified personnel overseeing it.
    These personnel will also do regular checking and maintenance of the playground. This comforts parents knowing that their child is safe.
  • Monitor your child’s activities while they are using the playground.
    Make sure that no matter where they run to, you can still see where they’re going or what they’re doing.
  • Make sure that your children are wearing well-fitted shoes.
    A really good fit helps children to run around without fear of tripping and falling down.

How do you find the above tips? We hope you can apply them the next time you take your children outdoors. As a side note, know that children can benefit from having outdoor experiences such as playing in public playgrounds. Here, they can meet new friends, which develop their social skills. Furthermore, they can also exercise, which is good for their overall health.

At Tender Years Childcare, we also provide activities that are geared towards children’s development. So if you’re interested to know about Child Care in Bronx, New York, inquire today. Call us for other tips on bringing up your child for the better.

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