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How to Reward Your Child in 5 Easy Ways

How to Reward Your Child in 5 Easy Ways

Can you remember the last time that someone appreciated your hard work? It was invigorating, right? It made you feel like the best person in the world. And, you want to do that good thing one more time. This form of positive reinforcement is beneficial to adults and children alike. That’s why when your toddler does something you asked them to do, make sure they receive your appreciation.

At Tender Years Childcare, the leading Day Care Center in New York, we believe in the power of positive reinforcement to children. Rewarding them for a job well done, lets them feel that they’ve done something worthwhile, and they would want to do it again. So, we recommend the following ways in extending your own version of the reward system:

  • Verbal praise/cheers

    Your words of praises can go a long way. When parents are always expressive of their appreciation to their children, your kids will feel encouraged that they’ve made their mom and dad happy. This also makes them feel loved and supported.

  • Do a high five

    You can also arrange a secret high five activity with your child. The fact that only both of you know this, makes them feel special. And so, they would want to experience this special affirmation again by obeying what you want them to do.

  • Buy a toy they want

    Every child would perhaps rejoice in knowing that they can select their own toy. As soon as kids learn how to play, they can already develop their own pictures of what they want to play with. So, giving them the option on what toy to buy is surely a reward worth having.

  • Buy ice cream

    Most kids enjoy sweet treats such as ice cream. For a job well done, you can promise them one scoop of their favorite ice cream flavor. Of course, it helps that parents also enjoy these treats.

  • Ipad hour

    Many kids today also want their own time with your iPad. When they’re online, they can watch their favorite Youtube videos or play their online games. With the proper guidance, you can allow them to use the iPad as a reward for good behavior to reinforce their positive output.

Rewarding children can have challenges on their own if you fail to implement strict measures and parental control. After all, you can’t allow your child to eat too much ice cream, or buy them toys you can’t afford. Our experience of providing Child Care in Bronx, New York, tells us that kids can actually be satisfied with your simple, inexpensive rewards as long as they feel confident of your love and acceptance at all times.

If you’d like your kid to experience a rich childhood in a Preschool, enroll them at Tender Years Childcare. We provide the reward system to our children in a way that’s beneficial to them, and that is also inexpensive for you. Don’t think twice about keeping in touch with us. You can call us at 718-829-3067.

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