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Keep Your Child Busy AND Safe at Home

Keep Your Child Busy AND Safe at Home

What activities are your children engaged in when they are at home? As parents, our children’s activities on a daily basis are always a concern. Aside from ensuring that they are doing productive activities, ensuring their safety is another important aspect that we want to know. As providers of trusted Child Care in Bronx, New York, we understand this concern.

As our child is busy with their endeavors, we are also given time to do other more pressing activities, such as chores and other important errands. One of the ways that children can be busy is through playing. With that, we would like to impart the following reminders how busyness can also mean safety for our little ones.

  • Select Age-appropriate Toys
    If you would like your child to be busy and safe with their toys, it’s vital that you select those items that are appropriate for their age. When buying toys, read the instructions properly and follow the age recommendations. Toys are designed for certain ages because smaller children, such as those below three years old, can accidentally swallow on little toy parts. You would want to prevent choking hazards to happen to your child.
  • Use Helmet
    For your bigger children, riding around can be great entertainment that will not just keep them busy, but can also help them to make friends. To give you the peace of mind while they are in this activity, ensure that they put on head protection such as a helmet. These helmets are not just ideal for those who play with bikes. These are also essential for children who would like to play with skateboards, scooters, or any other riding toys.
  • Store Toys
    In our Day Care Center in New York, we utilize toys to teach children important learning activities. However, we recognize that proper toy storage especially after playing is essential to ensure the safety of the little ones. At home, you also need to implement the same. When their playtime is done, store the toys inside a container that is not easy for them to reach or open. It’s also best if your toy bin doesn’t have holes that toddlers can insert their fingers to so that they will not encounter an unwanted accident.
  • Apply for Product Recalls
    As an added precaution, you may also want to sign up for notifications on product recalls of toys. This way, you can be regularly alerted of toys that have been recalled due to safety concerns, thus, ensure the safety of your children.

The safety of your children is also on top of our concerns in our Preschool center. We recognize that a safe child has more openness and willingness to learn and absorb their learning. If you have certain errands to run and you want some help in attending to your child, come to us at Tender Years Childcare. If you would like to know how else we can assist you, ask us.

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