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Keep Your Kid Busy With These 5 Activities

Keep Your Kid Busy With These 5 Activities

Have you also felt that entertaining your kids can feel like an added work load to your pile? Well, that could happen especially if you have important matters to finish at home. Your best chance is to keep your child busy. But, the challenge comes in deciding what sort of activities you can give them. After all, you still have to determine if the activities they do are in fact good, and ideal for their age.

Well, you can relax a little on this one. As leading providers of Child Care in Bronx, New York, we will provide you with the following recommended activities:

  • Bring in a playmate

    The great thing about this activity is that your child only has their imagination as the limit. With a playmate, ideally a kid of the same age and gender, your tot can think of many ways to pass the time as you finish with your chores. Anyway, you’ll just be around at home to check on their latest situation.

  • Finish up art projects

    You can also assign art projects to your kid. You can get ideas from our programs at Tender Years Childcare. There’s painting, drawing, or creating clay dough designs. These activities are great for preschoolers, and they can help them develop their fine motor skills.

  • Read their favorite books

    You can also let your child read their favorite books. While this is good for kids who have already mastered reading, toddlers can also enjoy picture books. If you have sufficient supply of picture books at home, you can let these be accessible to your kids to keep them busy while you’re also busy.

  • Play with educational online games

    This is the part where you can say thanks to technology. Download free educational games on your iPhone or iPads, and let your kid enjoy their time. You have to keep this in moderation, however, as you wouldn’t want your child to be stuck living a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Put your kid to sleep

    A sleeping child is perhaps every parent’s victory. When your kid is on their nap time, you can have the time to focus on the chores you need to get done. If your child has also been enrolled at Tender Years Childcare, they have already been exposed to a regular routine of nap time during our daily preschool activities.

What do you think about these suggestions? Definitely, you can make customized versions in your place depending on your child’s preference. In fact, you can even add your own input to this list. How about letting us know your otherideas on how you’re keeping your child occupied at home? We’d love to hear from you! If you’re also interested to learn more about our Day Care Center in New York, don’t hesitate to call us at 718-829-3067.

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