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Keeping Your Child Motivated: 5 Ways to Encourage Learning at Home


Once learning starts, it never stops. Here are 5 ways you can help your child stay motivated at home and beyond:

  1. Entertain curiosity

    Your young ones will naturally be curious and have many burning questions regarding everything under the sun. As a parent, you may not be a walking encyclopedia, but you can always offer to find out the answers together. Technology today has made it easy to access information. Needless to say, use technology wisely, and promote responsible usage.

    Learning together is a great way to bond and to demonstrate how learning is fun. It also keeps families close! Outside of the home, make sure to find a provider of child care in Bronx, New York that values child curiosity as well.

  2. Provide them with the tools to learn

    There are many tools you can offer to your children, one of the most powerful being books. Books are the gateway to worlds of information and entertainment at the palm of your children’s hands. Take your children to libraries and have them pick out what they want to read. At home, you can slowly build up your own library, and this library can include books you would like to learn from, too!

    Another great tool is early education! If you are searching for a preschool and day care center in New York, we offer excellent programs for your children at Tender Years Childcare.

  3. Create a positive atmosphere

    Children need to be encouraged in the right way for them to want to continue the drive to learn themselves. Being achievement-oriented and focusing only on awards and attainments can set an unhealthy mindset for your child, who may see learning as a chore and a competition. Remember, as long as your child learns and strives for growth, they are already winners.

    What you can do is make sure they can apply what they’ve learned from school at home. Do this by asking them questions and having them teach you the lessons they tackled that day!

  4. Consider their interests

    When your children express interest in a subject, topic, or sport they may have picked up from school or their learning materials, it may be highly beneficial to invest in these interests. When children enjoy what they are learning, they will continue learning and honing skills. Let your children explore their talents and what they can be capable of!

  5. Recognize their efforts

    It is true that learning requires a lot of time and effort — it is the work put into the act and the benefits it reaps that make it worthwhile. Make sure you don’t forget to celebrate your children’s hard work and appreciate them, achievements or not. Positive recognition is one of the best ways you as a parent can show your love and support for your child.

Your children need to keep learning. Be with them every step of the way, as will we at Tender Years Childcare, where your children can have a loving and warm learning environment.

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