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Safety Tips When Doing Arts and Crafts at Home

 Safety Tips When Doing Arts and Crafts at Home

Doing arts and crafts with a toddler can be a creative approach to enhance many aspects of their growth and development. For one, it improves their fine motor skills so that they can grasp and hold small items easily. It also improves their eye-hand coordination so that their alertness gets better and better.

As a Day Care Center in New York, we agree that a supervised activity such as arts and crafts is truly beneficial to your child’s learning and holistic development. That being said, we would also like to impart these tips to ensure your child’s safety while you’re finishing up your creation.

  • Follow the Right Methods
    In our Internet-immersed generation, you will not lack creative resources in learning how to do arts and crafts. Just keep in mind that when you want to learn something to teach to your child, you need to follow the right methods. This way, you can minimize the unexpected results which can potentially be unsafe for your little one.
  • Know the Hazards
    If you’re going to purchase materials to accomplish your arts and crafts project, be fully aware of the potential hazards of these items. For instance, scissors can be unsafe for a toddler. Knowing the hazards can help you look for safer alternatives. So, instead of a stainless scissor, you can opt for plastic scissors that toddlers can easily hold on to.
  • Store in Containers
    Ensure that the materials you’re using are always kept in their original containers. If you’re going to get some items, make sure that these are only sufficient for your project. Having too much may result to wastage or more risks. This is also a similar step we will do in our center for Child Care in Bronx, New York.
  • Find a Convenient Location
    As you work out your arts and crafts, find an area at home where you can do this conveniently. Ensure that there is good ventilation so that your child can be motivated to finish the project with you. When they’re able to breathe well, their creativity can be even more enhanced.
  • Use Protective Gears
    If ever your arts and crafts project requires the usage of protective equipment, ensure that you and your child have put these on. For instance, you may need to put on a face mask to prevent dust from getting absorbed by your child. Simple protective steps like this can go a long way when it comes to your child’s safety.

Do these tips excite you? Indeed, there are a lot of things you can do when it comes to harnessing your child’s potentials. Doing arts and crafts is just one of the many. If your toddler is also enrolled in our Preschool, she can be exposed to more creative activities that improve her learning.

At Tender Years Childcare, you always have us as your partner in quality early childhood learning. If you want to inquire, contact us.

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