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Teaching Numbers at Home: Tips for Parents

Teaching Numbers at Home: Tips for Parents

Did you know that your two-year-old can already learn how to count? With our professional experience as providers of Child Care in Bronx, New York, we have seen how toddlers can go far with their learning when there’s dedicated education. For this reason, your reinforcement at home is very instrumental in enhancing your toddler’s learning for everything basic to them, such as the alphabet and counting numbers.

Indeed, we have creative programs that especially address this learning objective for toddlers. However, you can also supplement these lessons at home and here are tips to help you out:

    Nothing ever fails with repetition when you want your toddler to learn something new. If it is the counting numbers, let this lesson be repeated in your regular activities with her. Even if she is not participating yet, or even if you think that she doesn’t understand you, just keep on repeating. You will be surprised that after a few days, she can already recite from zero through ten.
    You can also post either DIY (Do-It-Yourself) or ready-made posters with numbers on them. Place these on a very conspicuous area in your toddler’s room. Every day, read these numbers to her. Aside from that, buy her books about numbers and read this to her every day. You will be amazed as to how she can eventually identify numerals easily.
    As a Day Care Center in New York, we also recommend that you count loudly in every chance you get. For instance, if you’re setting the table, you can count loudly so she can hear you. If you’re also combing her hair, you can count each stroke so she can be aware that counting is very much part of everyday life.
    The beauty of these rhyme songs is that the lyrics are very simple. The words are very toddler-friendly that your child can easily follow and sing along. When she does, her recognition of the number can be even more sharpened. It can also be helpful when you sing and dance along. As she enjoys singing, she associates counting numbers while having fun. This makes learning easier for her.
    When you’re out buying toys, consider those with educational value. For instance, if you’re going to buy building blocks to play with, find ones with letters or numbers imprinted on them. This way, your child can have regular exposure to these numerals, and she will become more familiar with these. When she’s in our Preschool, these activities are also backed with our lessons.

Helping your child develop more wonderful ways of learning is our commitment at Tender Years Childcare. We recognize that every child’s brain is a world full of new discoveries. They can discover learning numbers on their own and when they do, it will be a very fruitful experience for both of you and your child.

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