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The World of Art: 5 Benefits of Exploring Art with Your Child

The World of Art: 5 Benefits of Exploring Art with Your Child

Where parents may see a right old mess, kids see a masterpiece. Here are a few reasons to keep pulling out that paint set and molding clay – your children may learn far more from them than you initially think!

  1. Improves creativity
    Even a piece of paper and a simple set of basic colored crayons or paint can open a door into endless possibilities for your children to color into life. Boost their cognitive abilities and help them get creative!
  2. Teaches resourcefulness

    When you allow your children to go beyond just the set of conventional art tools already available to them and to let them experiment with other materials, you will not only end up with some interesting sculptures and paintings (ketchup as paint, anyone?), you will also end up teaching them to be resourceful and find other means to solve a problem or complete a creation.

    Supervise their art activities or have a teacher do the same, but give them the freedom to explore what they can do with what they find.

  3. Encourages self-expression

    There are many ways one can communicate their sense of identity. One excellent way is through art! Your children’s masterpieces can help you know them a bit better, and encourage them to be confident in who they are and expressing it.

    Often, art and play can go hand-in-hand for this! Do your children want to become a doctor? Help them shape a stethoscope from some art materials, and play pretend doctor with them! Be as creative with this as you like.

  4. Widens imagination

    The beauty of art lies in its openness to interpretation. Let your children’s imagination run wild! Imagination is an important aspect in being creative as well as resourceful, and the brilliant innovators of today often never let go of their sense of imagination!

  5. A great way to forge friendships

    Painting and sculpting can be even better when done as a group and can be a great playdate objective for your children. Whether every children work on their own thing or they all team up to create a sculpture, art has a way of bringing people together.

Make sure to enroll your children in a preschool or day care center in New York that gives importance to art for child development. At Tender Years Childcare, we provide programs targeted to specific age groups, so they receive the quality education kids need, including art and its relevance. For child care in Bronx, New York that offers a top notch learning experience, consider us!

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