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Tips on Preparing Your Little One for Preschool

Tips on Preparing Your Little One for Preschool

Preschool may not be a mandatory stage in early childhood education, however, it offers your child plenty of benefits, which will greatly help them be physically, emotionally, and intellectually prepared for higher classes. While preschool is just mostly about learning through play and experience, you may experience difficulty in letting your child adjust to the idea, and an even harder time getting them to be prepared when the first day of school comes.

When you have made the necessary preparations for your little one’s early steps in education, such as looking for the right place that will give your preschooler quality child care in Bronx, New York, the next step would then be to prepare your little one for the new stage ahead:

  • Introduce Preschool through Pretend Play

    Use children’s love of playing pretend to your advantage, and introduce the concept of preschool through it. Play as the teacher, and, with your child, act out the daily routines of going to preschool, such as saying goodbye to mommy or daddy, greeting the teacher and classmates, singing songs, and reading stories. Your little one will see preschool as an exciting experience and will look forward to their first day.

  • Teach Your Child Basic Fundamentals in Advance

    Preschool will be where your child will be learning, and this would require focus and retention. So while they are still at home, dedicate some time to reading books to your little ones, as well as telling them stories from interactive storybooks. It also helps to teach your child the basics, such as shapes, colors, or numbers. This way, they will be prepared to learn and will also have the focus and interest needed for them to participate in class.

  • Practice Independence through Games

    Academic education isn’t the only thing preschool offers as it is also a place where they can practice independence and even responsibility. Help your little one practice their independence even while at home. Teach them basic self-help skills, such as unzipping and zipping their bags, taking out their snacks, putting on their shoes, and washing their hands. Make games or songs out of these little tasks so that they wouldn’t see it as boring activities.

  • Visit the Preschool with Your Child

    Lastly, take your child with you to visit the school they will be attending. Show them around the classroom and playground, and if possible, even introduce them in advance to their teacher. This way, your little one will already be familiar with the place, and when they will be on their own, they will remember being in that place with you and be comforted with the idea that it’s safe.

Tender Years Childcare is a preschool, kindergarten, and day care center in New York that provides a loving environment where your child can grow and develop their skills and interests. We help your little one learn best by incorporating lessons with fun games and activities they can enjoy.

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