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What Do Your Little Ones Learn in Preschool?


Preschool, as to be taken from its name, is a preparatory stage for your little ones before they enter kindergarten. This is to be their foundation of education and learning, and where the most fundamental of lessons be taught. If you are wondering what kind of things your little ones are learning during their classes so that you can also support them in their growth, then you just have to read through what we have listed here in order to find out:

  • Numbers, Counting and Basic Arithmetic 

    Yes, this means that your little ones are learning the foundations of math! This will include counting from one to ten, or even twenty, and the most basic of arithmetic, like putting one and one together using objects to get two.

  • Basic Shapes and Colors 

    Preschoolers will be made to familiarize with basic shapes such as squares, circles, rectangles, and triangles, and colors like red, blue, green, yellow, green, orange, and violet. Pictures, toys, and even corresponding objects around them will be used to allow them to familiarize more.

  • The Alphabet 

    In addition to memorizing and singing along to the Alphabet Song, kids learn about each letter of the Alphabet individually, and how they have different sounds. Phonetics will also be taught during preschool, with kids learning how each letter are pronounced and how they form words.

  • Fine Motor Skills 

    This is a crucial part of learning in preschool, as this is where your little ones develop and practice their finger strength and pincer grip. Fine motor skills are often taught through arts and crafts, or sensory play.

  • Cooperative and Imaginative Play 

    Play is an integral part of early childhood development. Through it, your preschooler will have a sense of self, and learn to get along with others as well. Play will also spark their imagination and practice their problem-solving skills.

  • Social Skills and Independence 

    Lastly, as your little one enters preschool, they will be practicing a little bit of independence, and being able to enjoy themselves without someone they’re all-too-familiar being around. They will also learn to interact and socialize with other kids, and practice communication and respect.

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