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What Life Skills Should You Teach Your Preschooler?

What Life Skills Should You Teach Your Preschooler?

As a provider of Child Care in Bronx, New York, we are advocates of children’s overall quality learning whether it’s at home or outside. One of the important learning experiences that preschoolers should have is on life skills.

Yes, preschoolers also need to learn how to read, write, and compute. However, if they don’t trust themselves or if they don’t know how to adjust with other people, then their academic learning will not be of much help as they grow up.

But isn’t it too early to teach life skills at the Preschool years? Also, what life skills should you teach them?

To answer that, here are some helpful insights you might want to consider:

  • Good Manners.
    Even when they are still preschoolers, children can already learn good manners. Teach them to greet others, say thank you and goodbye, and even show gentleness to others. Be careful also because in most cases, they will imitate your manners. Stay polite and well-mannered so your children also grow up to follow suit.
  • Changing their Clothes.
    Preschoolers also need to learn how to put on and remove their clothes. You can set this as a chore, which can be a great foundation for doing other chores later on.
  • Hand-washing Practice.
    Washing their hands is a very practical approach to teach preschoolers how to value hygiene. For a start, make it a habit to remind them to wash their hands with soap and running water before and after they eat. Later on, you can add other instances when they need to wash their hands.
  • Combing the Hair.
    Another hygienic practice that preschoolers can learn is combing their hair. This helps them to feel confident about themselves while being assured that they are clean.
  • Tying the Shoelace.
    It can sound simple, but preschoolers may find this difficult to finish at the start. Yet, helping them to learn to tie their shoelaces gives them a sense of responsibility for their appearance. It also gives you more time to finish other chores.
  • Returning Toys in Place.
    Preschoolers can definitely learn how to return their toys back in their original locations. This practice helps them to respect territory not only with toys but with their personal space later on.
  • Budgeting.
    Even before five years old, children also need to learn that money should be handled properly. To do this, you can assign paid chores at home for them to “earn”. Train them to save their earnings for something they want. This helps them to understand that money should be spent well.
  • Planning.
    It’s not also too early to teach your preschooler how to plan. Simple practices such as asking them what they plan to eat for lunch or dinner is already a great start.

As a Day Care Center in New York, we know that the preschool years are a great time of lifelong learning, including that of life skills. For more early childhood learning experience, call Tender Years Childcare.

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