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Working Parent? Here’s How You Can Still Bond with Your Children


Every parent knows the importance of being there for your children during the precious and fleeting years of childhood. However, work and other adult responsibilities need time, energy, and attention as well – and a work-life balance is definitely easier said than done.

It helps to remember that it is not always about the length of time you spend with your children, but it’s the quality of time that counts. Here are some of the ways you can still have bonding time with your children, and how you can maximize it in the face of busy schedules:

  1. Make the most of your mornings together.

    Although you spend many hours of daylight in your weekdays at work, you will often share your mornings with your young ones helping them get ready for school. This would be a great opportunity to have conversations with them – what their day ahead is looking like, and you can share your plans for the day, too. This way, both you and your children can have a better view of your own worlds outside of your home.

    You may also be dropping them off at daycare or school, so perhaps you can put on some music in the car to get you all in a good mood for the day. Don’t forget to give a little “I love you” on their way out of the car!

  2. Be creative with showing your love.

    Even while you’re away at work, you can still give them little loving smiles on their faces. Write a note for them while packing their snacks, or have both of you wear a matching piece of clothing or accessory to remind you both that you’re on each other’s minds!

    There are infinite ways to get creative in doing little things for your little bunch. As long as it has a personal touch, it can truly mean a lot to them!

  3. Schedule bonding activities together.

    Whether it’s spending Saturday evenings going out somewhere fun together, or Sunday morning walks to get fit, or yearly family vacations – scheduling activities and making sure they happen regularly gives everyone in the family something to be excited about!

    You can even take it to the next level by involving your children in planning these activities, to make sure whatever you come up with is fun for everyone. Make some memories!

  4. Be spontaneous, too!

    While scheduled activities are great on their own, sometimes spontaneous trips can be wonderful and exciting too! After picking up your child at preschool, maybe stop by an ice cream place with them. You can also take them with you to go grocery shopping, and go grab a bite afterward. Spontaneity does not have to be elaborate to be memorable and appreciated!

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